The service design project with Lapin Kansa was divided into two parts. In the first part, the results of the explore process, such as user experiment and challenge of grocery store surroundings, were presented. The second part was more focused to the subscription product – its exterior features and technique inside it.  In this second case, the team got different viewpoints also from the students of marketing.

The starting point was to look at the framework from the previous achievements. The needs and challenges were visualized and the possible resources were negotiated with Lapin Kansa. After this preliminary work, the student team started brainstorming. They got a lot of new and innovative ideas, which were ready for prototyping.

The idea about subscription as a gift was continued and refined also in part 2. Students made rough mock-up crafting while testing the different packages. An idea of the subscription gift with chocolate bar was inspired by the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:  there would be a lottery ticket inside the chocolate bar. The layout of the package was designed in a way that it’s easy to give in all kinds of situations. Different stands and advertisement were tested by prototyping them in SINCO.

The second idea was a developed version of the newspaper subscription dispenser. Different user interfaces were tested and possible extra functions were decided. The team was prototyping different advertisements by showing them with a small video projector. Designing the dispenser the team used quick mock-up crafting. For example, the idea of the birch bark-covered dispenser was simply prototyped with a white cardboard with black horizontal lines.

Last but not least, the Alma 1.0 mobile application was one of the most advanced concepts. The main idea was to read the news and historical articles from the mobile phone. You could also specify the news, articles and advertisements that you want to read.  The application facilitates users’ life in many ways.

SINCO prototyping laboratory gave good settings to simulate the different concepts. Concretizing the surroundings as real as possible helps to develop ideas and facilitate the users’ perception. The team’s ideas got a lot of good feedback and some ideas are still advanced with Lapin Kansa.

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