Restaurant Hevi’s Deli & Cafe was planning to install a new pizza oven which will be heated up by wood blocks. We believed that a new oven with open fire will change a customer experience considerably.

Therefore we created images with new oven and builted up a service prototype in SINCO with customized service environment. In a prototyping workshop we went through the service journey and we found e.g. that customers might be very interested in cooking with the fire and they would want to observe the cooking process. Also fire creates a special atmosphere and in addition it opens new possibilities in developing the menu, service and a table setting. Also advertising and signs etc. should follow the new theme. We found that exploring the service from the perspective of a customer it is possible to form a holistic view of development tasks and to manage a concept as a whole. It is important to prototype the service before renovation and investments.


How to attract customers inside?


Glancing through the menu and ordering.


Waiting for lunch.


Prototyping different ways to serve the meals.


How to warn and inform customers about hot food.


Creative prototyping at SINCO!




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  1. The photos of this study still reflect a very amateurish approach to concept testing. Ultimately the concept needs a real mock-up of a pizzaria which the consumer can sensorially experience in all it’s facet including the service quotient of the product.

    • Thank you for your comment Klaus! Indeed the case is about very early phase prototyping, with a ‘quick and dirty’ approach to concretizing ideas. SINCO environment is by no means the last stage of evaluating or developing a concept: it’s main focus is to be a fast and inexpensive way to evaluate ideas in a very rough manner.

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