At the beginning of this year in Oulu, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the University of Oulu and the Centre for Health and Technology (CHT) started joint SEWEB project in which technical solutions to children’s health and well-being are studied and developed. During this project the aim is to evolve a variety of sensors which can help to observe the behavior of child during school day and also transfer gathered data forward wirelessly. The idea generation and test environment was in this case elementary school, where VTT organized with SINCO a prototyping clinic to children, parents and teachers.

After seeing SINCO in Northern Service Day SEWEB project partners thought that it could be interesting to use prototyping in their development case. So last week SINCO´s take away set traveled with Essi and Mira to Oulu. After unpacking and building the take away set to school’s gymnasium, it was time to prototype. For children SINCO prototype was good way to concretize their path to school indoors. Pictures, sounds and props helped children to talk about exciting or even scary things related to school day. During five one hour prototyping sessions hundreds of comments and ideas were gathered.

Safety of children seems a very interesting and current topic as newspapers india pharmacies tadalafil 20 mg like Kaleva and OULU-lehti published the pictures above and articles following day. Also local news (2:13 ->) were interested about our clinic.

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