Clothing design student Marianna Suhonen used SINCO environment as a research method on her thesis. Her project is an example of the various possibilities SINCO has offered to design students of all fields at the University of Lapland.

“Sinco laboratory was part of my Master’s thesis where I conducted research on Stockmann based private label called Cristelle & Co. Aim was to carry out interactive consumer interviews to find out what is the current image of this brand and whether it is consistent with the original brand strategy set by the company. 

SINCO technology proved to be flexible enough for conducting research also when it comes to the field of clothing design. SINCO screens simulated a shop space and the smart board worked as an “online store” where consumers were able to choose outfits and change them to their personal preference.

SINCO gave plenty of data to back up research hypothesis and proved to be a valuable tool for the further brand development of Cristelle & Co brand.”


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