Sinco team members, Essi & Antti, participated in September to ICDHS 2012 Conference, which was held in São Paulo, Brazil. We presented a paper titled as Voices Of the Users: How Technology Can Help in Co-Innovation“. The paper focused on how new technologies, such as the ones used in SINCO, could be utilized in co-development and co-innovation with citizens. It also tries to answer to question how co-innovation with users can be done in the public sector, and how the service design tools – service prototyping in specific – are able to help in doing this.

The ICDHS – short for International Committee of Design History & Design Studies – was interesting, and very current from technological perspective. Service development & Service Design were not very present, but there were few presentations about developing new services. Our paper, written about a case study and it’s findings for TEKES-funded CoSVac -project (Co-innovation in Service Value Chains) introduced SINCO’s mobile version, that was utilized during the prototyping sessions of the case.

We had a privilege to meet some service developers from the innovation department of Brazilian consulting & development company MJV (their innovation department has also co-published a book about design thinking lately!). They had been developing their own service prototyping space very similar to SINCO. The schedule for the conference trip in Brazil was so tight, that we didn’t have time to visit MJV’s premises in Rio de Janeiro. Luckily we did have time to have good diccussions about service development and service prototypings role in it. Connections were made to continue sharing information, experiences and knowledge about service prototyping also in the future.

As a lucky fitting to our schedule we had a chance to visit the just opened 30th Biennale of São Paulo, an art exhibition with works from both national and international artists.

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