Besides SINCO being used mainly for the service design studies we as Interior and Textile Design students used the SINCO lab in an innovative way during our Advanced Textile Design course.
We projected our textile patterns on clothes. We tested the repetition, scale and color of the designs in a fitting room simulation. Individuals participating in the workshop had dressed in white clothes on to which the patterns were projected.

Designer: Anni Oikarinen

We also tested the patterns in different environments. We projected images of a busy city street or a beach view on the background to test how well the patterns stood out or blended in. We emphasized the atmosphere by adding sounds of traffic or the splashing of waves.

Designer: Laura Vaaraniemi

Designer: Elina Nätynki













We invited canadianonlinetabs visitors to our workshop and received a lot of useful feedback on how the patterns felt and what kind of emotions they evoked. Sinco lab really helped us face the great challenge of designing of a print pattern for fashion: How to design a pattern that is both innovative and unique but also pleases as many customers as possible?

Authors: Students Karoliina Erkinjuntti and Elina Nätynki

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